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$2 Error Coins Australia Pty.Ltd was established in 2020 in response to the overwhelming increase in interest within the Australian $2 coin community, and in particular $2 Error coin varieties.

$2 Error Coins Australia began its origins on Facebook, however, with such unprecedented growth and member numbers exceeding 65,500 the group now has the largest single denomination numismatic presence within Australia.

James Cleary and Ivan Rigoni decided a new and innovative platform was required to appease the recent growth driven by the $2 coin collecting community. Both James and Ivan have been prolific within the numismatic Community for many years and as such are established and regarded with respect and integrity amongst their peers.

They have both worked together across various numismatic groups and have built a solid and trusting relationship that they believe is cohesive to the development of this new and innovative platform.

We look forward to interacting with our members on an unprecedented level and would expect that the numismatic community at large will embrace this fun and engaging experience. To find out more, hit the "Bountiful Plans" link at the top of the page!
Your Hosts, James Cleary and Ivan Rigoni.

Join us, you won't regret it.

ABN: 56664523666

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The story of Tasmanian Numismatics originates from the year of 1975, when John Haddad found his first penny as a young boy playing marbles. Put aside all the details, the young boy has had a fascination with all aspects of numismatics ever since, So that the numismatics business was born.

In 2005, 30 years after he found his first coin, John decided to turn his lifelong hobby into a career, so that Tasmanian Numismatics was established.
With over 40 years of combined experience, you know you are dealing with professionals. Tasmanian Numismatics is now proud to offer services such as:

Buying/Selling Australian and World coins, banknotes, tokens, stamps, gold, silver and other collectables. Buying collections and estates. Distribution of Royal Australian and Perth Mint products. Valuation services for insurance and SMSF purposes. Third Party Grading for NGC, PMG and PCGS.

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Lost Treasures began as a recovery service for lost precious items in 2009, and since 2012 has operated as a trusted stockist of metal detectors and related accessories in the most popular brands. You can visit our physical store in Everton Park (north of Brisbane).

Our teams consists of detectorists and fossicking hobbyists, who are happy to share their knowledge of this great hobby, and guide you towards the most appropriate equipment for your needs. As a stockist of multiple brands (Minelab, Garrett, Nokta, XP Deus, Fisher and more) we cater to everyone from beginners to serious gold detectorists. We also offer a recovery service for lost items (both on land and underwater), a range of detectors for hire, and have an extensive network of contacts for training or repairs.

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Australian Coin Services ‘ACS’ has been a 2 year process with making sure all products are designed and produced by highly respected industry leaders.

Every product has been created to suit Australian decimal coins perfectly.

All of our products are of new specs with new and improved materials all tried and tested to ensure the highest of quality and protection for our customers.

We can guarantee we are professional, helpful and diligent to ensure your orders are completed efficiently and safely as possible.

We are the future of Australian Numismatic products and services.

Australian Coin Services


‘By Collectors for Collectors’

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Proudly Supporting Legacy Australia

Founded on a promise

In 1923 Legacy made a promise to help veterans’ families carry on with their lives after the loss or injury of their loved one. It was a simple promise that Legacy keeps today; providing the same stability, guidance and assistance that a partner would normally provide to his or her family.

Today, Legacy supports 40,000 partners and children of veterans who gave their lives or health serving our country. Our work can mean a child gets an education and a fair go, a widow is not disadvantaged and alone and a family is not torn apart by the effects of post-traumatic stress or other psychological injuries. Since the Legacy promise was made by a soldier to his dying mate in the trenches of WW1 to “look after the missus and the kids”, Legacy has supported Australian Defence Force families in times of great need.

5% of new subscriptions go towards supporting Legacy Australia.


Benefit as a 2ECA Member!

$2 Error Coins Australia Pty.Ltd is an innovation developed by James Cleary and Ivan Rigoni. It evolved for the want of something dynamic and engaging within the numismatic community. Something more than just coin collecting and showcasing collections. Something more than just landing on a sales page and hitting purchase. We wanted to bring numismatics into your living room and engage with our audience. Being a subscription based platform we are able to offer our members exclusive savings from a huge range of products, services and accessories on offer from our own and our partner related platforms. We also offer our own merchandise range, including apparel, gift items, leisure wear, member only entry into our exclusive monthly live promotional give-aways, exclusive live on location events and the opportunity to join us on spellbinding adventures at island locations. Share a day or two together engaged in workshops, treasure hunts, entertainment, fun filled give-aways and much much more!

$2ECA promo - experience innovation

$2ECA MEMBER MEET & GREET NOV. 2023 - LABRADOR QLD. Fun had by all!


WINNER From 30/03/2024
Promotional monthly draw

A massive congratulations to Robert Sorensen, one of our very lucky subscribed members to win the awesome X-TERRA PRO Metal Detector and heaps of other goodies!!! Our thanks to Lost Treasures Australia and Justin Millman, owner of LTA, as well as our other awesome Sponsors Tasmanian Numismatics, Australian Coin Services and Exact Computers for their generous donations in supporting 2ECA. Robert was chuffed with his win!!

What an absolute blast!!

2ECA held it's first VIP Member Meet & Greet in Labrador, QLD over the weekend. Well to say it was a blast is an understatement. Along with Sponsors ACS & Lost Treasures Australia who also rocked the event, our Members absolutely loved it as did we! Did I mention Captain Jack Sparrow also made an exclusive appearance for our members!! Wonder which State we're heading to next???

$2ECA Recovery Service
Lost an item of value?

$2ECA provide a QLD & VIC recovery service for those who have lost something valuable or of great sentimental value. Whether it be a ring, bracelet, pendant or necklace, we'd be happy to do our best to find it for you. We can even recover phones. We use water proof detecting equipment to locate your items on land, sand or sea. Email us at: recovery@2dollarerrorcoinsaustralia.com


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